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The Book* Project

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The Saga Musica experimental, audio-visual, illustrated, multimedia book project is a beast in itself - one that we, the Saga Musica team members, are very excited about!

The idea starts simple. The book will contain 15 song lyrics directly linked to the Viking period and the tumultuous lives of its people. The lyrics do not reference any known persons or events but instead revolve around the archetypes and settings that are quintessential to the Icelandic Sagas. This sounds like a songbook, at this stage. But:

Accompanying the lyrics are stories that set the stage for each song and tie them together into one cohesive overarching storyline. The stories are written by Sindri Mjölnir, whose background in film-making and visual arts colours his approach to the storytelling. The inspiration for the stories themselves sprung directly from Valgeir's lyrics. In developing the book project, Sindri poured over Valgeir's entire collection of Saga Musica songs and lyrics, with the single purpose of finding a storyline, until such a selection, the one which will be contained within the book, revealed itself!


An essential part of the experience of the Saga Musica book project will be the accompanying audiobook, which is going to available for listening by scanning a code found within the physical copy of the book. The audiobook provides readers with a unique multidimensional listening experience; with its rich atmospheric soundscapes and seamless integration of the Saga Musica songs.

Plainly speaking, the audiobook will be like listening to a movie!

This is an endlessly exciting project and we are eager to see it finally realised. The plan is to release the book in the summer of 2022.

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