Saga Musica Venues


Our Saga Musica concert is frequently performed for groups that either book us directly or through their hotels and travel agents. The show pairs exceptionally well with a dining experience, such as with our partners at Rauða Húsið Restaurant, in Eyrarbakki.


We tailor our Saga Musica concert performance for every individual occasion. The show can be fluid and malleable in such a way that we can perform it anywhere. Therefore, it can be difficult to describe the show as a whole, but an example of a performance over dinner could go like this:
  • Introduction over pre-drinks

  • Starter

  • 15-20 minute performance

  • Main course,
    followed by coffee and dessert

  • 30 minute performance

Totalling 2 hours

Here is a video showcasing one of our Saga Musica concert experiences.

Learn more about our specific venues:

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