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A musical encounter of people who sailed to Iceland in the 9th Century in search of a safer life and a brighter future for their families. 


Ancient Carvings

Saga Musica is an ambitious and many-faceted multimedia project - initially sprung from a collection of songs and poems, written by Valgeir Guðjónsson, about the life and strife of the people of Iceland’s Saga Age. The project now encompasses a private concert program, an upcoming album, an upcoming concert tour for the summer of 2022, and an illustrated, multimedia, experimental book project slated for release in mid 2022.

Like Óðinn's two ravens, we circle above the North Atlantic region, observing the behaviour and mindset of the people during the Epic Settlement Age. 
We witness some common traits of The Human Race, as much alive today as they had been a millennium ago...

SAGA MUSICA  is a collection of enthralling and beautifully lyrical songs and poems, describing the Icelandic Saga Age. Experience the mindset and the atmosphere of those turbulent times, when iconic archetypes - such as The Bard, The Berserker, and The Beggar - became a part of history.

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