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Bakkastofa Culture House


Bakkastofa is the residence of the artists, Ásta and Valgeir. They also use it as a venue for small hand-picked groups (max 18) to enjoy their various cultural programs. 


The warm and welcoming style and manner appeals to visitors who can easily relate to the relaxed vibe. During music performances and storytelling sessions, the emphasis is on an interactive and casual atmosphere, where questions and discussions are welcomed.


Valgeir's music and Ásta's stories, deal with history and culture, dating back to the Settlement of Iceland up to our present day.


The village of Eyrarbakki is a quiet, ocean-side village, where many artists like to retreat  and work.  It happens to lie in an area where some of the most important Sagas took place. The surrounding area was popular with early settlers, and this ancient farming society has survived through difficult and prosperous times alike over the ages.

Click here to learn more about Bakkastofa Culture House, the artists, and the experiences on offer.

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