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About us

The Saga Musica Crew

Valgeir Guðjónsson is the Auteur of Saga Musica. He performs his work solo or with musician friends.

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A household name in the thriving Icelandic Music and Culture Scene for decades, Valgeir has now produced a long-awaited Dream Project. Looking back briefly, he made some new friends in college who shared his passion for music. These friends went on to form two bands, Stuðmenn and Spilverk þjóðanna, both highly popular in the 70's, in 5 years, 9 albums were written and produced. This catalogue has endured modern time's ruthless twists of fads and trends.

Spilverk þjóðanna broke up in 1979 with its members in 3 different countries. Stuðmenn produced "Með allt á hreinu" or "On Top" - to this very day Iceland's most watched and beloved film, and issued a long string of albums. The legendary band has carried on grooving to this very day.


Valgeir's past includes being a fisherman, teacher, acquiring a Social Worker degree from Norway, composer, lyricist, stage performer, radio and TV personality, novelist, script writer, film composer, music and television producer and a freelancer, taking on wildly different assignments in the fields of culture and education.

Valgeir´s works are known and sung by his people, the Icelandic Nation.

What more can an artist ask for?


Ásta is the pioneer of professional Student Counceling in Iceland and a master of many trades. She studied Latin and Greek in France, French and Psychology at The University of Iceland and finished her Diploma in Student Counceling from The University of Trondheim, Norway's Viking capital.


She currently runs the Bakkastofa Culture Centre in Eyrarbakki, on the South Coast shoreline, some 60 km. from Reykjavík. Her special talents include interior designing, writing, organizing events and being the skilled councelor she is best known for.

As it happens, Ásta and Valgeir have lived together for fortyfour years. They have three children and a Chihuahua named Gigant.


Not only is Vala a great vocalist, she also writes her own songs and lyrics and plays her Fender guitar. This is by no means all she does. Vala spends most of her time working on her PhD thesis in Neuro Science, concentrating on nerve responses of people who use artificial limbs. 


With a Bachelor’s degree in film making, Sindri joined the team in late 2020 to produce Bakkastofa’s streaming program during the lockdown. Once the lockdown lifted, he helped produce other events with Ásta and Valgeir, including private Saga Musica concerts.


When the idea of the Saga Musica Book Project popped up, Sindri dove headfirst into developing and outlining the project. He’s now leading the book-end of the project -  writing and illustrating - while Valgeir works on recording the music.


Sindri has a true passion for the arts and keeps his fingers in as many artistic pies as possible. He sings with the choir Sunnlenskar Raddir, takes part as an actor in various local theatre productions when the opportunity strikes, and picks up freelance commissions as an illustrator and a graphic designer. One such project was creating mascot characters and redesigning the logo of Iceland’s largest chain of pet stores, Dýraríkið.


Sindri is the oldest of 5 siblings; pictured here with the two of them closest to him in age, Sindri is on the right.

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