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The idea for SagaMusica has ignited some 28 years ago when musician/journalist, Valgeir Guðjónsson, sailed on Gaia, a marvelous 30-meter longship, from Bergen Norway to Kirkwall
on the Orkney Islands. It was the first leg of Gaia's journey

that ended in Rio de Janeiro.

A few years later Valgeir found himself in Washington DC, co-producing a PBS / Smithsonian Institute documentary, Leifur Eriksson - The Man who Almost Changed the World, commemorating the Milllenium aniversary of the voyage to Vinland in 1000 CE. Here the first Saga Musica opus, Windsong, was written for the opening titles of the film.  

Some 15 years passed and Valgeir and his wife Ásta moved to

Eyrarbakki Village on Iceland's South Coast. Here, the elements, the nature, and the history started fermenting in Valgeir's mind and the Saga Musica collection of songs and lyrics began to grow.

Saga Musica is currently a growing musical compilation about the characters, events, mindset and atmosphere in the Northwestern corner of Europe as Iceland was settled.

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