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The Writer
A man dedicated to saving the Old Heritage of Stories and Poems from getting lost forever

The Ravens Fly
Of Odin, his Ravens, Wolves and his assorted Challenges and Treats.

To The End Of The World
A Trans-Oceanic Voyage to a New Country

A Hero
A young man's Search of Glory

Free Again
A Slave's Lament

A Poet and his Quest
A Poet must save his head with an epic poem

That Green-Eyed Girl
A Blue-Eyed Boy meets a Green-Eyed Girl

The Wheels of Fate
A man realizes that his Days Power and Glory may soon be coming to an end

An Eye for an Eye

A man has been Killed and Must be Revenged


The Search for a Powerful Sword, strengthened with Ancient, Magical Runes

The Duel 

Two Men fight each other to end a Vicious Cycle of Killings


A Heathen Seafarers´ Prayer


How many seven old boys do you know who entered the world of music by teaching themselves to play the National Anthem of The United States of America?  
Five years later Pálmi was advised by his piano teacher to stop worrying about the classical repertoire, since she could not teach him any more than she had already managed to do.


A piano player of rare magnitude matched with a strong stage personality, Pálmi is equally at home in more genres of music than most people can mention with a knife at their throat.


Dagný is a true multi-instrumentalist who only plays some of her devices in the Saga Music Show. Dagný is therefore represented here with two photographs. She comes from a family of musicians in the South of Iceland and keeps the tradition going strong and solid.


Dagný works as a music teacher alongside her music studies at FÍH Music Academy.   

Gamla bíó

Gamla bíó, in downtown Reykjavík. has been a favorite music venue for almost a century.
Saga Music 101 resides in the fabulous PETERSEN SUITE ROOFTOP BAR,

and in the Main Hall, for a larger audience.

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